Monday, March 9, 2009

futsal alumni smsah - 070309

event : futsal alumni smsah 09

venue : u one sport centre, subang

date : 070309

result :

07 vs 05 : 1-3

07 vs 02 : 0-1

07 vs 04 3-0

07 vs 03 : 0-3






thanks to ajak for all your help.
thanks to jaar for the dinner.
thanks to jack for the transport.
thanks to bloo, john, mat dan, pok mat,amal n kaymuck for sacrificing your weekend.
thanks to zul, bapak, fago n pakya for letting us to stay in your college.
thanks to all who did come and support us.

'our revolution is about to change'
-revogen 0307-

dikir barat n tarian - 040309

event:dikir barat & tarian tradisional inter-house competition

theme: muafakat membawa berkat

date: 4th march 09

venue: great hall

before the performance

during the performance

after the performance

it was a great night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to all garnetors, leave the past behind and look at what the future has to offer us.

let bygone be bygone.

all the best!!!!!!!!!!

Bukit Tinggi - 010309

A Day Trip to Bukit Tinggi

welcome to colmar tropicale

me - kasyful

me - mr donkey - pokyus

the smiling donkey

with rabbits

the rabbit

me - kasyful

the clock tower

tatami spa

japanese village

welcome to japanese tea house

me - kasyful - afiq

the rose

the leaves


a couple of white flowers

me - kasyful


kasyful - me

the colmar tropicale

kasyful - me - pokyus

pokyus - me

me - kasyful - mus