Wednesday, October 15, 2008


15 october 2008
mathematics,accounting,economics,physics...i've done all my a-level 1st sem exam except for speaking test which is this evening,and english which will be held on this friday 17 oct.last paper was yesterday,14 oct(economics,physics).such a relief..however,its not really a relief for such a nightmare actually. 4 subject,and i don't even finish any single paper.too bad......accounting was the worst one.answered only a few questions..huh..pity on myself..don't know why,hmmm...going to pursue in accounting for my degree,but can't perform in accounting 1st,just wait and pray for my result,hopefully it will not be too bad(eventhough instinctively i can feel that i will get "U" which is ungraded for my accounting paper)hmmm....stressful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!depress!!!!!!!!!!!don't know what to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
to my sponsor,parents,teachers,guarantors,family and everybody,i'm sorry for disappointing all of you.from now,i'll try my best to be the best in my journey of life...insyaAlah..