Monday, July 14, 2008

a day before 15 july 2008

it's 14 july 2008. a day before 15 july 2008,which is my college's registration day. a new day,new life, new friend and lot of new things. quite excited to wait for the day. for 4 months i'm waiting for the day. and suddenly 15 july 2008 is knocking my door,calling me to start a journey of a new life. i'm still waiting and thinking before opening the door to face 15 july. btw, i'm not feeling well today. fever,flu and cough...huh...pity on myself. preparing all the stuff for tomorrow. packing,checking and filling some forms. deep in my heart,i'm still wondering how will it be in kyuem..whether it's ok or vice versa. hopefully it will be a new life with lot of happiness and joy..insyaallah

"the most important thing to bring"

"class attire..huhu"

"before packing...misearable"

"after packing...i'm ready!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"kyuem,here i come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Thursday, July 3, 2008

when there's nothing at all.....

"where's everybody?!"

"hello,anybody home?!"

" reflection of myself "

hustle bustle of city?!

today,no hustle bustle of city anymore.

nothing that can i hear except the sound of the air cond. there's no train and no people around.just me,myself and i. around 1042 03 july 2008,i'm there at dang wangi station. planning to go to klcc just to hang out,taking some air from the city and to fill my stomach with different menu.huhu.however, today is really,really and really different.why?!the answer is,today is the journey of myself.going to kl without accompany by anybody,'s because,all of my buddies are with their matrix,college,university,form 6 and such a journey of one to talk with and no one to laugh with.luckily,there's my black and red dunlop bag(to be filled with several things like newspaper,book or magazine), a sandy beige hp(my bestest stuff) and several ringgit notes(the most important thing,huhu) are with me. those several things are now my friend which always accompany me wherever i first,im thinking of watching a movie,but then,the queue of peoples at the tanjong golden village is too long and make me change my mind.huh.then,just walking around through suria klcc.watching for some new and cool stuffs.just window shopping ok!!!not buying,because i can't afford the price.haha.wait,someday i will.insyaallah..

" ?! "

time is passing by.second to minute and minute to journey still like that.sorrow,lonely and free.really different from before.without my buddies,my journey become really's true life is like a wheel.some time we are at the top,at some time we are at the,my life is at the bottom part of the wheel.scale of happiness of myself is decreasing.hmm.....

" a sorrowful journey "

it's lunch time!!!!the HCl inside my stomach is waiting for something to be, myself still walking around to find a pit stop for my tummy.not like before,always have several idea when choosing a place to eat.commonly the usual sentence tht will come from anyone of my buddy during meal time is "tak kisahla,mana-mana pun boleh" miss that sentence very,i'm searching it on last,a vietnam's restaurant such seducing me.huhu. i decide to have my lunch there,at 'bon seng' restaurant.suddenly,my mind keep thinking to all of my buddies.what are they doing right now?! did they still remember me or not?!or just ignoring me and enjoying their new life with new buddies?! who knows?!

" where are you guys?! "

pair of my eyes looking around the restaurant,everybody are with their own buddy,but,when i'm looking to the chair in front of me,there's no one the way,life must go will not stop till you die.thus, i need to go on with my meal right?! "makan tetap makan" haha.

" an empty plate "

even i finished my meal,doesn't mean i'm really enjoy it.empty plate shown is picturing my empty feeling.a feeling when there's nothing at all.a feeling when all my buddies are not around.a feeling of loneliness.and a feeling of sorrow.

" hmm... "

my journey of returning back home is the same.a lonely journey. usually someone will be with me in my journey back home,but today?!hmm...a 45 minutes journey back home from kl central is really boring.what's left is,me,myself and i.things will not be the same when you guys are not laugh,no joke and nothing can be done like when all of you are around

dear all my friend,wherever you are and whenever it is, hopefully our friendship will not end.

love and miss you guys!!!!!