Friday, June 27, 2008

a journey through matrix sateria (2007)

kushairi b. zuradi

known as kucai.a spectacle guy from klang.for me,he's the best headboy in jenan.he's such a responsible and a smart guy.always want to go beyond expectation.honestly,when we are in form 1,i really hate this guy,but now,it's vice versa,he's 1 of my best friend.he's always brighten up our lives in matrix with his idea, thought and everything.lastly,he's quite rushki!!!!haha

abdul malek b. fahor

a short guy from kl.a brilliant guy which a big ambition.he always say that he want to be a millionaire in a young age.insyaallah you'll get it malek!!!an unique guy with an attractive chest.don't try to raise his blood up.once you try.for sure you'll regret it.huhu.

wan mohd asyraf b wan mohd razali

known as acab.our dorm leader.this kuala terengganu guy popular with his big hand.once he slap you,for sure you will lies down.don't play play!!!huhu.he's a nice guy actually.honestly,this is also the guy that i hate when we are in form 2,but it had change.he is the one which i used to talk with till late night,the one that will accompany me to cafe and bla3.

izzat muhaimin b madisa

known as shin chan.i don't remember who gave this name to him.for me,this name is really suitable to him,since his face is also like shin chan.lot of black and white memories with him.the best and the funniest memory with him is the 'toothbrush' memory.start with a laugh and end with tears.haha !!!!!!!!!!! one more thing,he is the busiest guy in matrix sateria!!!huhu

ellis b. shahiri

matrix's vice leader known as ellis.a sanglang guy which his bed is next to me and next to the plug.he's also a 'rushki' and a shy guy.really expert in 'wau' making and he's the one which grab the 1st place in wau competition in our school.he's the 1 which always look after my handphone when i charge it and safe it from being seize by the warden.thanks ellis!!!!!!!!!!!

and the last guy in matrix sateria is me!!!!!!!huhu.
that's a little bit of us in matrix sateria 2008.
hopefully our friendship will remain forever.
thanks for the memories
love u guys!!!!!